Friday, July 1, 2016

Lone Pine via Kearsarge Pass to Middle Rae Lake

Happy Canada Day! 

Started out the day in a hotel in Lone Pine. 

Tim drove Mighty Mouse, Share Bear and myself back up to the trailhead at Onion Valley. 

We hiked back up and over Kearsarge Pass, on our way up we ran into Max and Kate and Audible as they were in their way down the pass. 

We also ran into Bagel who Mighty Mouse and I had met many miles ago and who we had last seen at Horseshoe Meadow. 

Kearsarge pass was long but not too difficult. We rejoined the PCT and followed the signs toward Rae Lakes. 

To get to Rae Lakes we had to cross over Glen Pass which was steep, with some big stone steps and a few snow crossings. 

We spent much of the climb and descent of Glen Pass leapfrogging with Victor, the Rae Lakes ranger and his parents who came out from Maryland for a visit and were hiking in the thirteen or so miles with their son to spend a few days with him. 

Once again the scenery was spectacular, with lakes surrounded by high stone walls. Lush green meadows fed by flowing snow melt streams fill the valleys.

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