Thursday, July 7, 2016

Campsite by Seasonal Stream to Vermilion Valley Resort

Vermillion Valley Resort 

Got up this morning and packed up, hoping to get to the boat that would take us to Vermillion Valley Resort in time for lunch. 

We managed the six or so miles that took us up about a thousand feet and then down about two thousand and arrived at Thomas Edison Lake by 10:45. The boat arrived a few minutes after we got to the landing spot and we enjoyed the ride down the lake. Jim and River Pants, a couple who we have been leap frogging on the trail passed us in the speedier boat they got a ride in. 

VVR is mostly centered on the hiker crowd. Many PCT hikers send packages here for resupply, and John Muir Trail hikers do the same. There are also lots of other hikers in the area that stop in for meals or supplies. 

Dinner was good, and hopes are high for breakfast before we head back across the lake to resume hiking towards Mammoth.

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