Friday, September 30, 2016

Campsite at mile 2364.66 to Unpaved Road at Snoqualmie Pass

Snoqualmie Pass 

25.63 miles today. 

Packed up from our campsite in the cloud and headed out. The tent got packed away wet, it got put in the sun at lunch to dry. Fortunately I am managing to just get the fly and groundsheet wet, the inner tent and my sleeping gear are staying dry so far. 

When I crested the ridge above I-90, I thought I was hearing a big river crashing over rapids or a dam or something. Nope, just the constant roar of traffic on the interstate. 

Got down the hill to the trailhead by the little ski area at Snoqualmie Pass and met Tim.

Video: Just a little creek

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Small creek, campsite nearby to Campsite at mile 2364.66

Mile 2365. 

Camping inside a cloud tonight. Sounds cool. Instead it is both cold and damp. There is a bit of a breeze, and hopefully it keeps going to keep the condensation to a reasonable level. 

Got an early start to the day, woke up at 5:30am and was hiking by 7am. Hiked a bit over 25 miles today. 

The morning was sunny with a few clouds, but after lunch more clouds moved in and it cooled off and the wind picked up. There were lots of ups and downs today and the temperatures were such that I wanted to put on my jacket for the descents, but on the uphills i was sweating even without a jacket. 

Ran into Napoleon, who hiked northbound, got to the end and is now hiking south, enjoying meeting all the northbound people. Also saw Serenity who I met months ago between Cajon Pass and Wrightwood. She flipped from Ashland to the north end of the trail and is now hiking south.

Video: A bit of wind and cloud

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Chinook Pass Trailhead to Small creek, campsite nearby

Mile 2339

Got up and back to the trail this morning. A bit of a late start, hiking by a bit after 10am.

Saw quite a few day hikers, and a few horse riders on the trail. Mount Rainier was visible for most of the day, standing tall above the ridges of the lower mountains the trail runs along.

Walked around a bend and there on the hill above the trail was a big herd of mountain goats grazing on the side of a rather steep slope. Pretty amazing to see so many of them.

Ended up hiking about 18 miles today, which is pretty good given the late start this morning.

The weather is perfect right now, mostly clear skies and not too hot or cold. Rain is in the forecast for this weekend, hopefully it is light enough to deal with.

Camping tonight with Mighty Mouse, Share Bear, Aviator, and Kodachrome. Kodachrome does indeed have a Nikon Camera and loves to take a photograph.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Highway 12 to Chinook Pass Trailhead

White Pass to Chinook Pass - 28.96 miles.

Nearly 29 miles of slack packing today. Got going early and finished the miles by a little after 7. Didn't even need the headlamp today.

Had views of Mount Rainier today. Big with lots of snow.

Saw only one other thru hiker today, Aviator.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sheep Lake to Highway 12

White Pass. 

I hiked 25 miles yesterday, so 25 more today should be no problem, right? 

Someone put a bunch of rocky trail in the way. 

The Goat Rocks Wilderness is a beautiful area, and yes there are rocks, and also goats, mountain goats. 

We hiked a bit of alternate trail, a piece of old PCT trail that heads up to a bit called the Knife Edge and then back down to join the new PCT route along what used to be a bypass for horse riders to use because horses can't be safely ridden or maybe even walked along the old PCT route. Now the PCT just takes everyone along the bypass and avoids the higher route. 

More elevation gain and loss and tougher trail made today much harder than yesterday, and despite getting up earlier and taking a shorter lunch, the day didn't end until well after dark. 

Fortunately Tim was there with the truck, waiting to take us to town for dinner and a place to sleep. Taking tomorrow off from hiking to rest and heal and resupply. 25 days since our last "zero day" in Ashland, we need the break.

Video: Knife edge trail

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