Sunday, September 11, 2016

Meadow at Mile 1963.02 to Hwy 242, near McKenzie Pass

Bend, Oregon 

Woke up this morning with about 18 miles to hike to meet Tim at highway 242 for a ride to Bend to spend the night in town. 

More spectacular views were had, this time mostly if the two northern Sisters mountains. In the distance Mount Jefferson and Hood And Adams were visible. 

Crossed several lava fields, which are a challenge to hike and I cannot imagine the effort it took to build trails through the jumbled masses of boulders. 

Passed through an area of obsidian rocks, bits of glassy obsidian were everywhere. Tiny shares to boulders of the stuff. 

After one last lava field we emerged into the road and Tim drove Mighty Mouse, Share Bear, Free Lunch and myself to Bend. We dropped Free Lunch off at a motel and then headed to friends of my mom's, Annemarie and Dean, who fed us and are putting Share Bear and me up for the night.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today:

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