Thursday, September 15, 2016

Olallie Lake Resort to Campsite at Mile 2065.75

Got a bit of a late start leaving Olallie Lake. It really is a cute resort. No electricity and the cabins don't have their own toilets. But they do have wood stoves for heat and a nice lake with no motorboats. Would be a nice rustic getaway vacation spot. 

On the trail today we met up with Pigpen who had met Mighty Mouse and Share Bear a while ago, and Politics who I was camped with one night when I got rained on while cowboy camping something like three months ago. 

We also me Attrition, a south bound hiker who was carrying a long sword, quite the unique item to tote along. 

Had some ups and downs today, but for the most part fairly easy walking. Didn't make the miles of yesterday, but probably had a little less energy because of the marathon day. There just isn't much recovery time when you're hiking every day.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today:

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