Thursday, September 15, 2016

Meadow at Mile 2016.94 to Olallie Lake Resort

Marathon? Yes, Marathon! 

So, the other day I was about a tenth of a mile short of the marathon distance. Today I did 26.23 miles, just a bit over. 

Incidentally, the trail surface today was challenging, varying from beautiful cushy forest path to rock garden nightmare and everything in between. It was a much harder day than our last 26 mile day. There was also in the area of 5000 feet of climbing and 6500 feet of descending today. 

Got a little bit of a late start, mostly because I just can't seem to move fast when it is a cold morning. 
The wind was still blowing this morning, and in fact there is wind blowing as I type this, it hasn't stopped all day, but for a good portion of the day we were sheltered from the wind. 

We passed by Mount Jefferson today, getting views of the glaciers and snow fields in its northern flanks. 

We also had views of Mount Hood, Mount Adams and Mount Saint Helens in the distance. Or at least that's what another hiker told me, I didn't know that St. Helens was visible from the ridge we were on. 

We are camping tonight at Olallie Lake. Managed to get to the camp store before they closed at 8. Well stocked store, but they don't have electricity, so shopping was by the light of our headlamps.

Yeah, that is the trail. Good luck to your ankles...

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