Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Chinook Pass Trailhead to Small creek, campsite nearby

Mile 2339

Got up and back to the trail this morning. A bit of a late start, hiking by a bit after 10am.

Saw quite a few day hikers, and a few horse riders on the trail. Mount Rainier was visible for most of the day, standing tall above the ridges of the lower mountains the trail runs along.

Walked around a bend and there on the hill above the trail was a big herd of mountain goats grazing on the side of a rather steep slope. Pretty amazing to see so many of them.

Ended up hiking about 18 miles today, which is pretty good given the late start this morning.

The weather is perfect right now, mostly clear skies and not too hot or cold. Rain is in the forecast for this weekend, hopefully it is light enough to deal with.

Camping tonight with Mighty Mouse, Share Bear, Aviator, and Kodachrome. Kodachrome does indeed have a Nikon Camera and loves to take a photograph.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today:

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