Saturday, September 24, 2016

Killen Creek, wooden bridge to Sheep Lake

Sheep Lake, mile 2267.

It isn't easy getting going in the mornings when it is still dark and you are cozy and warm.

But if you want to get 25 miles down the trail, then get going you must.

Got up to find clear skies. No rain today.

And someone put a mountain with a glacier right uphill from last night's camping spot.

The trail was a bit slippery and squishy in places thanks to yesterday's rain. As the sun warmed the wet ground and old wet logs, water vapor rose like steam.

We passed a trail crew out working on the trail and the runoff channels. Made sure to thank them for their work.

Had a few views of the big volcanoes around the area, but mostly the trail was in forest today.

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