Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday, September 18

Cascade Locks.

Got up early and Tim took Share Bear, Mighty Mouse, Rocky and myself back to the trail. Rocky planned to take two days to get to Cascade Locks, where she is ending her hike.

Share Bear, Mighty Mouse and I had a different plan. We were going to hike to Cascade Locks in one day, our longest yet at nearly 29 miles.

The day started with light rain and the rain continued through early afternoon, making our lunch break a brief affair.

We took the Eagle Creek Trail alternative to the PCT course. It is a popular alternative that saves a couple miles in distance and passes by several waterfalls and through a tunnel behind one of the waterfalls.

Two of Share Bear's friends hiked in and met us on the trail. We hiked back to town with them where we met Tim and Mighty Mouse's friend Dan for dinner.

On to Washington tomorrow!

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