Friday, September 23, 2016

Road 23 to Killen Creek, wooden bridge

Killeen Creek, mile 2242.

Got a reasonable start for staying in town, on the trail around 11am.

Town stops can get busy and complicated. Do we eat out first or get to the store before it closes? Does anyone have packages at the post office, and what hours is it open? How long will laundry. Take to do? Who gets to shower first? How do I pack all this food in my pack, and why do I have so much food for just a few days?

The forecast was for some rain in the morning and then clearing skies. It rained all day. Fortunately it was a pretty light rain, but we were basically inside a cloud all day. Cool and windy and damp.

Ended up doing 15 miles and got to camp pretty early. It was nice to set up camp in the daylight, no matter how overcast.

Cold and breezy tonight, but our campsite is among some trees that give a little protection from the wind.

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