Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Diamond View Lake to Campsite at mile 1913.73

Shelter Cove 

Woke up to a soaking wet tent, inside and out. Condensation inside and heavy dew outside. The joys of camping in the cold next to a lake. Fortunately, the inner net tent that I sleep in is well away from the nylon walls of the tent and I stay dry. 
Packed up my wet tent and headed into Shelter Cove, a small resort that mostly caters to fishermen, but which has a store and a nice tented area with some picnic tables and a power strip, all that a PCT hiker needs. 

Did laundry and had a shower at Shelter Cove. Tim met us and we hung out for a few hours. Headed back out on the trail around three in the afternoon and hiked a few more miles. Camping tonight at a flat spot next to the trail.

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  1. That part of the trail looks like it should be easy on your feet! I like the log bridge with the handrail.