Friday, September 16, 2016

Campsite at Mile 2065.75 to Highway 35, Barlow Pass

Barlow Pass. 

Woke up at our little campsite and got moving quickly. We wanted to meet Tim at 8am at a road crossing about two miles down the trail so he coil take our gear and we could slack pack the remaining 21 miles of the day's hike. 

Made it to the road about the same time that Tim did and lightened my pack, taking just food and water and minimal gear. 

Along the trail today we saw Politics again as well as Blackout, who managed to get himself lost for a day along the Oregon Skyline Trail alternate on the way into Shelter Cove. At our lunch stop we ran into Woodstock, who we had last seen at our campsite on the way down Fuller Ridge, months ago. 

On one of our breaks we met a guy posting signs for an upcoming 100 mile trail run. He was as impressed with our journey as we were with the idea of doing a 100 mile run on the trails in a day or weekend. 

The walk today was flat for quite a while with some modest climbs at the end. 

When we got to the end of the trail, Tim and my mom were there to meet us. My mom flew up for a couple days. Tonight we are staying in a cabin in Rhododendron, a wide spot on the road near Timberline.

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