Friday, September 2, 2016

Campsite at mile 1782.26 to Campsite at mile 1803.33

Rain? What? 

Usually I wake up at 6am. But this morning at 5:30am we had a bit of light rain. In reaction, I hit the snooze on the iPhone a couple times. 

Oh, and the temperatures have dropped. A lot. 30's at night now, pretty chilly. Nice for sleeping when one has a warm down quilt. Not so nice for getting up and out of that warm down quilt. 

Eventually got to the hiking business. Had a fair number of blow downs to deal with and the normal up and downs of the trail. 

We passed the 1800 trail miles mark today. Only 850 to go! 

We are dry camping tonight in the middle of about 20 miles of no good water sources, but with daytime temperatures in the 50's, water consumption is way down, so it isn't a problem to carry enough water. Quite a change from a week or two ago when I was dripping with sweat. 

We did run into something that stopped our progress more effectively than any fallen tree: blueberries. Delicious blueberries. 

Unfortunately no berry bushes near our camp, but it is nice and flat and plenty of room to set up our tents. Wind is blowing in the trees and it promises to be a cool night.

Yep, the trail goes through there... had to find paths around some of these blow-downs.

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