Monday, September 12, 2016

Unpaved Old Santiam Wagon Road to Meadow at Mile 2016.94


Last night there was a wind blowing all night. Made things a bit cool, but it also kept the condensation inside my tent at a minimum. 
Today the wind kept blowing all day. On a couple exposed sections I would guess that the wind was steady in the 30-40 mile per hour range with gusts to 60 or so. Enough to push me around a bit and a couple times I had to lean into it to stay in the trail. 

Passed through big sections of burnt forest today. 

Also saw a few hunters. Apparently this past Saturday was the start of rifle season for deer hunting, so there are plenty of people walking the trails with their scoped rifles searching for bucks. 

We were planning on doing a couple more miles, but the site we were hoping to get to includes the word "view" in its description, and with the wind in the trees sounding like Niagara Falls, we stopped at a nice field that is surrounded by pine trees that are blocking most of the wind. 

Another cold night tonight, probably will get below freezing again. 

Oh, passed the 2000 mile mark of the PCT today!

Video: Windy ridge

Video: More wind

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