Sunday, September 4, 2016

Crater Lake National Park, Mazama Village Campground to North Crater Trailhead

Crater Lake. 

Got up and hiked out of Mazama Villiage up to Crater Lake Rim. Had a snack at the store at the Rim Villiage and walked the Rim Trail. The PCT stays below the rim, well away from any views of Crater Lake, so most PCT hikers that I know take the Rim Trail alternate. It has more up and down, but has spectacular views of the lake. 

To go along with the scenery we were joined by many many people since it is a holiday weekend. Even though the crowds are a very different experience than our typical hiking encounters, I am happy to see so many people out enjoying the spectacular places that our country has to offer. 

After the Rim Trail rejoins the PCT the trail passes through the standard for Oregon, more trees in the ground than standing, forest. 

Got about 23 miles of hiking done today. Hoping for a bit warmer night than last night. My tent had frost on the inside this morning, frozen condensation. Share Bear's thermometer read 25 degrees. Brrr.

Video: Crater Lake

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