Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hwy 242, near McKenzie Pass to Unpaved Old Santiam Wagon Road

Thanks to Annemarie and Dean for feeding us hungry hikers and putting up Share Bear and myself for the night. 

We managed eventually to get back to the trail, which resumed its journey through an extensive lava field. I managed to get new shoes while we were in Bend, and having shoes with cushion made a world of difference on the bumpy rocks that made up a good portion of the trail today. 

Near where the trail crosses the road up from Sisters and Bend there was a neat lava rock tower that was built in the 1930s and has view ports pointing out nearby mountains. 

Only hiked a little over 13 miles today thanks to starting around 3pm. Our tents are set up next to a dirt road near a trailhead and there are a surprising number of people out here on a Sunday night. 

Feels like it might be another cold night. Will get to test out my new thick wool sleeping socks.

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  1. I thought I saw new shoes on your feet. I hope they work well.