Saturday, July 2, 2016

Middle Rae Lake to Lake Marjorie

Pinchot Pass 

Woke up at our Rae Lakes campsite and the tent was a bit damp from condensation since we were camped close to the lake. The sun wasn't going to hit for hours thanks to the mountains, so things got packed away a little damp. 

Hiked a few miles downhill, past beautiful lakes and meadows and through the woods to a suspension footbridge where Mighty Mouse, Share Bear and I took our lunch break. I put my groundsheet out in the sun to dry, which only took a couple minutes. 

This section of the trail is quite busy as PCT and JMT (John Muir Trail) hikers are joined by many others out doing shorter hikes. 

After lunch the trail headed uphill, gaining about 3,600 feet in 7.38 miles to the top of Pinchot Pass. The trail is quite steep in places and was slow going. 

On the way we passed 800 miles on the PCT. 

Eventually we reached the top and head down the north side of the pass just about a mile and a half to a camp site next to Lake Marjorie at 11,158 feet of elevation, one of the highest campsites I have had.

Video: water over bedrock

Mighty Mouse's blog entry for today:

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