Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Campsite at Mile 917.25 to Campsite on a Stream

Donohue Pass

Tim surprised us by hiking up from a trailhead that we passed and showing up this morning with breakfast goodies. He hiked along for a couple miles before heading back.

Our objective today was to get a few miles past Donohue Pass so tomorrow we can make good time to Tuolome Meadows to resupply.

The PCT rejoined with the JMT near Thousand Island Lake.

We climbed for a while and crossed Island Pass above Thousand Island Lake.

Then down a bit and then up to 11,073 feet to cross Donohue Pass.

We only had a couple short bits of snow to cross, a benefit of being a bit behind the big bubble of PCT hikers.

On the way down from the pass we did come to a creek crossing where we had to get wet. Shoes came off quickly and sandals on for the crossing. Everything done in a hurry in an attempt to avoid mosquito bites.

Shorty after the crossing we came upon a good looking site for the night.

Set up camp and cooked dinner while trying to keep the mosquitos from getting their dinners. A light nylon wind shirt works great as a mosquito barrier, and along with a hat and headnet preserves a little sanity, although the net has to be raised in order for dinner to be consumed. DEET in high concentrations completes the biting bug defense.

Timhiked in a couple miles and joined us at the start of the day, bringing breakfast snacks.

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