Friday, July 8, 2016

Vermilion Valley Resort to Campsite on Lake Virginia

Silver Pass 

Woke up in the hiker hostel in VVR. The hostel is a tent cabin with six beds. Mighty Mouse, Share Bear and I had it to ourselves. 

After a big breakfast of pancakes and breakfast burrito, we got a ride back to the trail in one of the boats from the camp. A bit of a late start to the day, but the stop at Vermillion Valley Resort was worth the time. We were able to resupply for the two day hike to Red's Meadow out of the VVR store. 

We hiked through big pine trees and up Silver Pass, and we spent a couple hours at the top of the pass eating lunch and enjoying the view. Met a family doing the JMT. Parents and two kids, 10 and 12. The kids were having a great time and asked us lots of questions about our hikes and gear and food. 

We ended up having to hustle down from the pass, and then up a pretty steep and long ascent to the campsite where we are now, listening to frogs serenade us at 10,000+ feet next to Lake Virginia.

My soft focus self portrait.

Dinner after dark. Long days.

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous scenery! I suppose it is even more beautiful because just a few people can make the trek to those places.