Friday, June 10, 2016

Campsite north of Bird Spring Pass to Walker Pass

Woke up early again and was out hiking before 6am. 

Not too much notable about the hiking today. I walked and got hot. 

Oh, I did catch my first distant glimpse of snow covered peaks, very exciting! 

Made pretty good time and got to Walker Pass to see the truck belonging to Coppertone, a roving trail angel who I previously ran into at the bottom of the Fuller Ridge descent, and then at the Tehachapi-Willow Springs road crossing. Coppertone is a former thru-hiker who is retired and likes to spend his summer driving his little home built RV to road crossings along the PCT route, following the herd north and providing root beer floats. 

Also at the campground were Meadow Ed, who started trail the trail angel tradition on the PCT 23 years ago. He and Okie Girl and Yogi, who writes a guide book for the PCT, were providing food and shade and drinks for hikers for the weekend. 

Met back up with Ballou and Rembrandt and Happy Meal and Stich, who I had last seen in Agua Dulce. 

Cowboy camped in the campground, anticipating an early start for the climb up out of Walker Pass.

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