Monday, June 6, 2016

Highway 58 to Golden Oak Spring

After getting coffee and a couple apple fritters at a neat coffee house in an old library building in Mojave, Tim dropped me off at the PCT trailhead along highway 58. 

The first stretch was along side the highway, in a bit of a construction zone. Big machines were pushing dirt around, and the trail went right through the construction. The machinery drivers were nice and paused when they saw hikers. It looked like they were repairing the berms that control flash floods coming down from the mountains. 

After leaving the highway the trail started climbing, and climbing. It was hot and windy, so perhaps there wasn't as much climbing as it felt like there was, but it felt like the hills were never going to end. Of course, it didn't help things that I was carrying six liters of water and a week's worth of food. The next water source after highway 58 is 17 miles away, where I am camped for the evening. 

More wind farms today, and a few nice shady trees to rest under. I managed to start hiking at 7am, and hiked about 6 miles before taking my first hour long break. Then another 6 miles before taking another break before doing the last few miles to my destination for the night, Golden Oak Spring. 

As I write frogs are singing in the spring catch pond and the wind is gusting and howling in the trees overhead.

Tim and the 4Runner.

Froggy friend enjoying Golden Oak Spring.

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  1. Hard to imagine that frogs can be sustained out in the desert. That Tim is a real trail angel!