Tuesday, June 14, 2016

South Fork of Kern River to Kennedy Meadows Store

 So, it looks like I forgot to post a blog entry for this day back when I was on the hike. No surprise, as I ended the day by meeting my mom at the Kennedy Meadows Store, and then we headed back to Riverside for a couple days off.

2021 Update:

Woke up today next to the South branch of the Kern River. Pretty much a creek anywhere else gets promoted to a river here. 

Only had five miles to hike to the Kennedy Meadows store, so I took my time. 

Kennedy Meadows (the southern one, there are, confusingly, two Kennedy Meadows on the PCT. This one, and one up in Yosemite) is basically the launching point for the Sierra mountains. And there isn't too much in Kennedy Meadows beyond the General Store. There are a couple other businesses that cater to the hiker crowd, but the store is the major one.

Hikers that are early (meaning the snow hasn't melted enough to let the trails be passable) tend to stack up in Kennedy Meadows, waiting for the snow to melt so they can get through the Sierra passes.

This is also the point where hikers have to start using a bear cannister for their food, because, well, bears.
Pretty much nobody loved the bear cans, they're awkward, and don't necessarily fit in all packs in a reasonable way. They also, of course, add weight.

But, carrying and using the bear cans protects your food from bears (and rodents) and protects the bears from associating people with easy food.

Got to the store and had a burger, soda, apple and potato chips while waiting for my mom to pick me up for my last visit home. Going to spend a few days with my girlfriend, resting up and sorting out my equipment one last time.

Maybe Mighty Mouse will catch up this time!

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