Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Robin Bird Spring to a couple miles past Kelso Road cache

Headed out from Robin it'd Spring in the morning. Didn't have a lot of energy, an immediate uphill and no breeze made the hiking feel slow. 

Managed to get to Landers Camp Spring by noon and spent the next few hours resting in the shade of the big pine trees and enjoying the plentiful spring water. 

Left Landers Camp around 6pm, carrying 8 liters of water. There was a cache 8 miles down the road, but it is best to be prepared in case the water is all gone. 

Sighted smoke and tried to call in a report, but despite showing two bars of service, my 911 call would not go through. Fortunately a few minutes after my call attempt I heard and then saw a water dropping helicopter. And then later saw a couple Kern County Fire vehicles headed toward the fire. 

Ended up walking the last couple miles to the Kelso Road water cache by headlamp, and found a few out her hikers there, and plenty of water as well as a cooler full of cold sodas. 

After enjoying a soda and a bit of a rest, I hiked on with Phil and Bridgit and Powder who were also at the Kelso Road cache for about three miles in the dark, trying not to step on the kangaroo rats that seemed intent on getting stepped on as they wandered on and off the trail.

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