Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Crabtree Meadow Ranger Station to Campsite at Mile 782.53

Forester Pass, the highest point in the PCT at 13,118 feet. 

After yesterday's summit climb of Mount Whitney, we packed up this morning and headed for Forester Pass. But first we had some creek crossings that required wading through refreshing snow melt water. 

Fortunately today's temperature was reasonable, and we even had some clouds roll in while we were making our way to the day's focal point, crossing Forester Pass. 

As we ate lunch at the last creek crossing, about five miles from the pass, we got a few drops of rain. 

Continuing on toward the pass, the clouds began to get thicker and darker. Still, it was nice to have the cloud cover after many days of bright sun. 

We crossed a couple snow fields and maybe part of a frozen lake as we approached the switch backs that lead to the pass. 

About a quarter mile from the top of the pass we heard thunder and saw lightning in the clouds above the surrounding mountains. 

Mighty Mouse, Share Bear and I took shelter under a rock overhang and watched the clouds. We got a little rain and some sleet and freezing rain. We were also treated to a lightning and thunder show. 

Eventually the thunder stopped and we were able to get to the top of the pass safely. 

At some point my phone got cold and decided it didn't want to work, so most of my photographs were taken with my real camera, so I will post those at some future date. 

The views in all directions were spectacular. We made our way across several snow fields in the way down. There were tracks were other hikers glissaded, or slide down, the snow fields, but we decided that there were a few too many rocks sticking out of the tracks, so we walked. 

Every step down the valley revealed more and more beauty. Words and photographs cannot adequately describe the beauty here. 

Tonight I am camped on a hillside, listening to the roar of a snow fed steam as it tumbled down the valley below.

Video of thunder and lightning while we were going up Forrester Pass

Video: Crossing the Forrester snow chute

Video: Creek crossing

Mighty Mouse's blog for today: http://www.timandgerri.com/blog---2016/day-70-28-june-mile-76633-78253

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  1. Yes, the scenery is getting better and better, and it is a good hiking team: Mighty Mouse, Share Bear, and you!