Thursday, June 23, 2016

Campsite at Mile 719.08 to Campsite at Mile 733.79

Today was tough. I'm hiking with some sort of illness that I picked up while I was home, so I'm a little low on energy and short of breath, not the easiest things to deal with when climbing up and down mountainsides all day long. 

We got going this morning, and immediately stopped for water. It was only ten miles to the next water, but there was a climb in between, and I was glad that I took four liters with me. Despite temperatures in the 70's, the sun made the walking feel hot. 

Once again, the scenery keeps getting more and more spectacular. 

I am camped part way up a climb in a beautiful spot. Can hear the wind, but there are some big trees and big rock formations that provide a little shelter where my tent is. 

Camping with Mighty Mouse, Share Bear and Audible.

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