Monday, June 13, 2016

Fox Mill Spring to South Fork of Kern River

Started the day out slow, knowing that I wasn't putting in big miles and that the temperature would be reasonable. 

Had a few miles of climbing to start the day, the first mile or so was in trees, and then the trail entered another burn area. It's sad seeing all the trees that at one time provided shade. Yes, we hikers crave shade. 
Fortunately there were quite a few clouds today, so shade came and went. 
Caught first glimpses of Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the Lower 48 States. Looks like it's got a bunch of snow. Completely covered, at least from the view I had, assuming I was looking at the correct mountain. 

Walked along the South Fork of the Kern river for a bit, and am now camped just a few yards from it, listening to the running water. 
Feet soaked in the river for a while felt great.

So much water! After so long in desert terrain, this felt almost miraculous.

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  1. I love the scenery, if it wasn't so tough, I'd hike.