Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kennedy Meadows Campground to Campsite at Mile 719.08

Reunited with Mighty Mouse. 
My hiking partner, Mighty Mouse, who had to get off the trail for three weeks after she got bit by a rattlesnake, finally caught up to me, or I delayed enough for her to catch up. At any rate, we are hiking together again, joined by some folks that she met while she was hiking. 

Camped last night at the Kennedy Meadows Campground. 
Headed out this morning with Mighty Mouse, Share Bear and Audible. My mom and Mighty Mouse's husband, Tim, hiked along with us to the first bridge over the South Fork of the Kern River. We said our goodbyes, and plan to see Tim and my mom in a few day at Horseshoe Meadows, forty some miles down the trail. 

We had some nice hiking among trees to start the day, then walked through another burn area before again getting the shade of trees. 

Stopped for a nice lunch break and short nap, and then stopped a couple miles later to get water and take another break at the last crossing of the South Fork of the Kern River. 

The scenery just keeps getting better. Big wide vistas seem to greet us around every bend of the trail. 

Camping tonight at mile 719 among big pines with Mighty Mouse, Audible, Share Bear and Dallas.

Breakfast planning session.

My mom, Mary, documenting the crazy hikers.

Mighty Mouse and Audible

Mighty Mouse's blog from today:

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