Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cowboy camp at mile 618.51 to Camp site a few miles past Bird Spring Pass

Started the day at mile 618.51, just a flat spot to toss down our sleeping bags and cowboy camp. 

Woke up and started hiking earl because I was supposed to be a hot day. 

Made decent time and got to Bird Spring Pass, not to be confused with the earlier Robin Bird Spring. 

There is a water cache at the road at Bird Spring Pass, which is very helpful, because otherwise the water is a cow pond four miles down the pass road, not an appealing prospect. 

Waited out the heat of the day in the shade of a scrub oak, sharing water with eager bees. 

Tackled the climb out of Bird Spring Pass around six, with the help of some thin clouds to lessen the sun's heat. 

Night hiked again, this time with Phil and Bridgit and found a good camp site and again cowboy camped.

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