Friday, August 19, 2016

Several small campsites with views of Castle Crags and Mount Shasta to Paved Parks Creek Road

Woke up at our fantastic mountainside camping spot having awoken several times in the night to gusts of wind blowing the tent around a bit. 

Did a bit of the normal up and down, with views of Mount Shasta thrown in. Tim surprised us by hiking in a couple miles from a road junction and then when we got to the road he took some of our gear in the truck so we could walk with light packs. 

Saw more people on the trail today than I have in a long time. Lots of people out for the weekend, enjoying the great scenery and the multitude of trails in the area. 

Saw one other PCT hiker today, Stitch from San Diego. He did 30 miles today, in contrast to the 21 miles that I managed. Stitch is camping in a hammock setup that looks like a great thing now that trees seem to be plentiful.

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