Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cache 22 to Paved Highway 89

Cache 22 to Highway 89 

Cache 22 is a water cache located on the trail near forest road 22 in the middle of a lengthy waterless stretch. It is maintained by kind folks who understand the needs of thirsty hikers. Lots of water and a box of snacks and supplies. 

Tim drove Mighty Mouse, Share Bear and myself back up to the trail after we stayed the night in a motel in Burney. 

Hot hiking today. Share Bear's thermometer showed 108 in the sun at one of our breaks. 

We got through the Hat Creek Rim section and then started through an old lava flow and across a valley floor with forest and meadows. We stopped for lunch at a hydro power station next to a fish hatchery and a sizable lake (Baum Lake) that was home to Canadian geese, some sort of fish catching eagle, and Pelicans. 

Long miles today, ended up doing 24.44 miles. Feet are sore and I had a few blisters to work on tonight. Such is the glamorous life of the long distance hiker. 

Oh yeah, passed the 1400 trail mile mark.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today:

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