Thursday, August 4, 2016

Paved Bucks Lake Road to Belden

Camped last night near a road, and Tim met us in the morning and took most of our gear so we could slack pack the 20 miles to Belden. Two other hikers took Tim's offer of a slack pack, so Pogo and Painter also got to enjoy walking with light packs. 

The hiking was quite easy today until the last seven miles, which is where the trail drops about 4000 feet in elevation, which is hard on the feet and knees. 

Tim picked us up in Belden, which is a small resort that normally hikers stay at, but which is currently booked up for a wedding. We went back to Portola where Tim has been staying for a few nights. Had a good meal on the way to Portola in Quincy.

Video: Slackpacking!

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