Monday, August 15, 2016

Ash Camp Campground to Campsite at mile 1486.94

Ash Camp to ...

Tim met us in the morning to take some of our gear for the first 15 miles of our planned 20 miles day.

I taped up my blistered little toes and hoped for the best. Unfortunately the blister on my left little toe expanded and the nail is now loose.

The trail today was mostly along steep valleys lines with tall trees, a good thing since temperatures were near 100 degrees. Cold water from a stream at lunch was a great refresher.

By lunch my ankles were starting to hurt and I could feel that the blister on my little toe had grown and I told Mighty Mouse and Share Bear that I was going to go to town with Tim to spend an extra night and day off my feet to tend to my blisters and let my ankles get some recovery time.

Blisters have now been opened and treated and are airing out and ankles treated to heat and then cold, with more to come tomorrow.

So I will miss another 15 or so miles, but hopefully I can get my feet and ankles in shape for the rest of the trail. Having to take two weeks off and then coming back to increased miles was a tough ask, but the snows of October in the Cascades loom if I move too slow.

original: And once again, no photos thanks to iPhone email app being unwilling to allow attaching photos that have been uploaded to iCloud, even though they download to the phone properly. Such a simple thing...

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  1. Can't hike without feet and ankles! The scenery looks great though.