Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Campsite at mile 1615.98 to Campsite on Cold Spring Creek

First we go up, then we go down, down, down. 

Woke up to a nice cool morning. Even wore my down jacket for a little bit while I ate breakfast and packed up. 

Then it was off and moving down the trail. Hiked through some big burn areas today and yesterday. Most of the trees are still standing even though they are dead. It makes for interesting hiking. 

After lunch the general direction of the trail was down. And it will keep going down tomorrow as we approach the town of Seiad Valley. The descents are pretty hard on the legs and feet, so it will be nice to have this long descent done tomorrow. However, there is a long climb up the other side of the valley. 

Stitch and Blackout joined us at this campsite. There is another tent here, but they haven't made a sound since we got here.

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