Thursday, August 18, 2016

Interstate Highway 5 to Several small campsites with views of Castle Crags and Mount Shasta

Castle Crags State Park 

Back to the trail after three nights in Mount Shasta. Nice little town, although there seem to be a lot of stores selling crystals for some reason. 

The trail today featured a long hot climb. Temperatures are hovering near 100, and today there wasn't much breeze and parts of the trail were in full sun. 

To add to the fun, swarms of gnats were out. We call them face flies, because they like to fly right in front of your face then occasionally dive in to land, presumably they are after salt in your sweat. Annoying to say the least. Mighty Mouse and Share Bear resorted to donning their mosquito heat nets. I went with something less stifling that seems to work - a piece of string dangling from the front of my hat like a lonely tassel. Seems to keep most of the gnats away. Perhaps they are too busy laughing. 

Tonight's camp site features spectacular views of Castle Crag, an exposed stone ridge, as well as a great view of Mount Shasta in the distance. 

Oh yes, passed the 1500 mile point in the PCT today.

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