Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Unpaved Road to Unpaved road 23N65YB

19.96 miles. Oh so close to 20. 

My body, especially my feet are still getting back into the swing of things and hurting with the weight of the pack. So it was wonderful to be able to hike with a light pack for about 15 of today's miles thanks to Tim, Mighty Mouse's husband, who met us as we packed up camp this morning and then again this afternoon. 

Much hiking in trees today. Up and down along sides of hills and over ridges to go up or down the other side. 

Lunch was a chore, with dozens of yellow jackets flying around wanting to share our food. I got stung on the leg as we were packing up, fortunately it isn't very painful, just irritating. 

Bugs were also out in force for dinner, mosquitos this time. DEET kept them away enough to eat quickly, but early retreats to tents were the order of the day.

Annoying lunch companions.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today: http://www.timandgerri.com/blog---2016/day-105-2-august-mile-122464-124458

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