Friday, August 5, 2016

Belden to Campsite at mile 1295.47

Started off the day in Portola organizing food for the next section of hiking. Then went to the laundromat to wash clothes and while they were washing went around the corner to a diner for breakfast. 

The chores done, Tim drove Share Bear, Mighty Mouse and myself back to Belden to start our hike for the day, up the other side of the valley that we descended yesterday. 

The climb started out hot and sunny, and stayed that way for quite a while. We ascended past old burnt tree trunks that gave evidence that at some time in the past the mountain slope had plenty of big shade giving trees, but those won't be back anytime soon. 

Eventually the trail reached unburned forest and things cooled off a bit. We ended up doing about 11 miles, which was good for starting a challenging uphill hike at around 2 in the afternoon. 

It is nice and cool tonight, good for sleeping. A couple owls are serenading us.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today:

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