Sunday, August 14, 2016

Campsite at Moosehead Creek to Ash Camp Campground

Moosehead Creek to Ash Camp Campground. 

On the tail of yesterday's experiment in hiking in sandals, today the experiment continued, with mixed results. Minimal blisters, but the bottoms of my feet are tender, and my ankle joints are aching. Oh, and the stones getting under foot gets old real fast. Might have to figure out a way to jam my feet back into my shoes. 

Today featured ever closer views of Mount Shasta, which is a very spectacular mountain, standing on it own, high and still with a good amount of snow on its upper slopes. 

Stopped a couple times to sample wild raspberries along the trail. 

Had a couple curious deer check in on our lunch spot. 

And chatted with Autumn Leaves, the first south bound thru hiker that I have seen. He left the border monument on June 16 and hiked through a lot of snow on the way south.

Yes, I'm hiking in socks and sandals. Sandals because of blisters from my shoes, and socks because barefoot seems to get more rocks in the sandals, and the straps rub more and also, my feet dry out faster without the socks, and that leads to problems.

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