Saturday, August 13, 2016

Campsite at Upper Jake Spring to Campsite at Moosehead Creek

Wait, we're going West now? 

Woke up at our nice campsite on an old abandoned logging road and set out to do our planned 20 miles. Would have been nice to make a couple more so there would be less to do tomorrow, but I was slow today. The heat plus an ill advised change of insoles in my new pair of shoes left me with a bumper crop of blisters, so I am currently hiking in my Chaco sandals. The Chacos are working great, but I am still dealing with the blisters, and consequently am not able to keep my pace high enough to do more miles. Hopefully once the blisters dry up I'll be walking more comfortably. 

Today we have view after view of Mount Shasta. Sadly there is a lot of haze in the air so the views weren't very clear. Hopefully as the trail gets closer to the mountain the air will also clear up. 

And speaking of closer to Shasta, today we made a left turn and started heading west. For some reason the trail makes a big loop to the west, going around Mount Shasta, and then turns to the north and then back eastward before resuming its northerly journey. I know it's a "scenic trail" but at this point it would be nice if the trail makers could have hastened the way out of California, it just feels as if we're never going to get to Oregon. 

Camping tonight near a small stream, the upside is easy access to water for dinner and breakfast and for hiking water tomorrow, the downside is mosquitos.

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