Thursday, August 25, 2016

Campsite on Cold Spring Creek to Campsite at mile 1658.03

Down to Seiad Valley, up from Seiad Valley. 

Woke up at our creek side campsite and met Granny Gear and Cloud. They had gotten to the site ahead of us and were wiped out and slept right through our arrival and setup of camp. 

Set out for town and Share Bear was anticipating lunch and took off at a pace that Mighty Mouse and I could not match. 

We descended along a couple creek valleys and ended up at the Klamath River. The Seiad Cafe and Store were right there, across the river. Unfortunately nobody has built a footbridge where PCT hikers would like one, so we had about five miles of road walking to get to town, down to a bridge and then back to the cafe. We did make it before they closed at 2pm and I had a delicious burger and milkshake. 

The good part of the road walking was the presence of abundant blackberry bushes. 

Much of the hike today was through burn areas. I think the fire was last year, and there were a couple bridges that were burned, so we got to do some rock hopping and log crossing that we haven't done much of in a while. 

Tim met us with our food resupply for the next few days and we relaxed and chatted with other hikers until about 5pm when we headed back out to start the climb out of Seiad Valley. 

We are camped about 2400 feet higher than the valley floor tonight, being serenaded by a chorus of crickets.

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