Friday, October 14, 2016

Six Mile Camp to Highway 20, Rainy Pass

Highway 20 / Mazama

Woke up late at our camp at Six Mile Camp. Decided last night that with just 8 miles to hike, we could sleep in a bit instead of packing up in the dark.

The rain kept going all night, with a tiny bit of snow thrown in. Walking today was good for a while, then as the trail gained elevation toward Rainy Pass and highway 20, the slush got more and more frequent on the trail. The last couple miles were basically squishing through two inches or more of slush with every step.

Saw big cat prints alongside the trail, going in the opposite direction for about a mile.

At some point my phone quit working, so not too many pictures today.

Had some nice log bridges today, trail crews took the time to flatten the tops of the logs, which helped a lot since in a couple cases Mighty Mouse, Jazzman and I were the only ones to have crossed them since the snow fell.

We met Tim at highway 20 and are now clean and dry and well fed in a lodge in Mazama. If you ever pass through here, make time for a stop at the Mazama Store, a pretty upscale place for a little town with quite a selection of food. I bought some Emmentaller cheese because the picture on the package is of the old Swiss chalet that I visited a few years ago.

There is supposed to be a lot of rain tomorrow, so Mighty Mouse and I are going to wait and see what happens up in the mountains. Hoping that there is not too much snow accumulation.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today:

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  1. Wow! Such wonderful paw prints, bear? and I bet a very beautiful kitty. How about a photo of the clean, dry, and well fed crew?