Monday, October 10, 2016

Large creek, wooden bridge to Campsite near Milk Creek

Milk Creek, mile 2522

Woke up to snow in the ground and on Mighty Mouse's tent. My tent was mostly under a tree, so I didn't get as much wet stuff in it.

Sunshine and Politics arrived after we were in our tents. About five other thru hikers passed by before they arrived, so it seems we are in a little bubble of hikers.

The trail today took us up over 6300 feet and it was snowing for much of the day. I was glad to have the new boots and gaiters that I just got, along with new weatherproof mittens and warm fleece gloves.

Of course, on one of the climbs I got too warm so hiked without my jacket for a while. As long as I was moving I felt fine. Amazing since it was probably right around the freezing point.

The trail here is in pretty rough shape and there are lots of blown down trees to go under or over. Lots of mud too, and in one case the trail is entirely gone and the shortcut around the missing trail is basically a wall of mud. I took a little unintended slide down.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today:

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