Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Campsite near Miners Creek to Campsite near Swamp Creek

Swamp Creek, PCT mile 2561

Hiked all day and Mighty Mouse and I didn't see any other people.

Started out with a seven mile climb back up to around 6000 feet. The snow from a couple days ago was still on the trail.

Interestingly, even down at 3000 feet there are areas with frost and frozen ground. These seem to be at the bases of rock slides or sometimes steep valleys. I think it is the lack of trees to stop the cold air that slides down the mountains.

Had one unexpected challenge. A sizable creek ford. There were fallen trees, but all looked difficult, so off with the boots and socks. Rolled up my pants and froze my feet. Water was almost knee deep and coming from snow melt and glaciers. Very cold, past the point of pain.

Took a couple miles of walking for feeling to return in my toes.

Camping tonight next to another stream. Rain is predicted, which won't be fun. We shall see how it goes.

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