Thursday, October 13, 2016

Campsite near Swamp Creek to Six Mile Camp

Six Mile Camp, PCT mile 2581

Late last night I heard a couple hikers pass by our camp. Turns out that Sunshine and probably Politics passed us and managed to get the bus this morning to Stehekin. Hopefully Sunshine is able to figure out something for her tent, it isn't much without poles or stakes.

The rain started sometime last night and kept going all day. When I got out of my tent this morning there was snow on the ground nearby. I was mostly in the shelter of a tree, so no snow on my tent. Keep in mind that the elevation at that campsite is supposed to be 2751 feet, so quite low.

We passed into the North Cascades National Park. We stopped for lunch at a ranger station, but I think the rangers are done for the season. We used their small from porch for lunch out of the rain. We ran into three hikers who had just gotten the bus from Stehekin back to the trail. They were going to try to make it to the border in three days. Starting with a 35 mile day today. That was at 11am. Good luck HR, Lt Dan, and Snooze Button.

We hiked on 8 more miles, opting not to go into Stehekin, which is a town on Lake Chelan that is only accessible via boat or sea plane or hiking.

Instead we are camping at 3100 feet next to a creek under a big tree with rain falling on us, and the occasional clump of snow falling from the tree onto our tents.

Jazzman showed up at this campsite a little while ago. He was a couple days ahead of us, but I guess he had a hard time leaving Stehekin.

Laying in my tent now, listening to rain fall on the nylon. My tent is pitched under a big tree on bare ground, but most of the ground around that isn't under a similar tree was snow covered when Mighty Mouse and I got here. It will be interesting to see what things look like in the morning.

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