Wednesday, October 19, 2016

East Bank Trailhead to Deer Lick Camp

East Bank trailhead to Deer Lick camp. 

Not quite sure how many miles I hiked today, somewhere around 20. We are off the PCT route now, piecing together a way to Canada that doesn't involve slogging through snow in the high mountains. 

Instead we are following the eastern side of Ross Lake, a 30+ mile long lake who's northern end encroaches into Canada. 

The trail is in good shape, not too many blow downs to cross, and a couple impressive suspension bridges. 

Part of the trail today was along the route of the Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT). That trail goes from Glacier National Park in Montana to the tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, 1200 miles or so. 

If all goes well, this should be my last night of camping on this trip. I am not going to finish at the traditional PCT terminus at Monument 78, but at this point I don't mind at all. Just give me a border, a finish line.

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  1. Gorgeous scenery, great trail! Such a narrow and long lake. So glad that you decided on this route, rather than the PCT alternate with so much snow.