Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Campsite above Deception Lake to Highway 2, Stevens Pass

Stevens Pass.

Rain started this morning around 2:30am and it was still raining when my alarm went off at 5:30. There was a brief discussion and Mighty Mouse and Share Bear agreed that 6:30 might be a good time to get up.

Amazingly the rain stopped just minutes before 6:30 and we were able to pack up our campsite and get going. My tent was wet, but nothing else.

More up and down today. One half mile stretch had almost 700 feet of elevation gain, a bit steep.

Walked up one side and down the other of a ski resort at Stevens Pass.

Met Tim and made our way to Skykomish for a meal we didn't have to cook on our camp stoves and a warm bed in a nice house. And also the always important laundry and shower.

Back out tomorrow, it looks like rain is in the forecast.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today: http://www.timandgerri.com/blog---2016/day-168-4-october-mile-244401-246162

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