Monday, October 17, 2016

Highway 20, Rainy Pass to Highway 20, Rainy Pass

Turned back at mile 2591 

Started out up the trail from Rainy Pass and only made it three miles before the snow was about a foot deep. We were still three miles from the top of our first pass, and had about a thousand feet of elevation gain to go. I heard a small avalanche somewhere above the woods the trail was in, no danger from that snow slide, but that combined with the increasing snow depth convinced a couple of our companions that they wanted to turn around. 
Mighty Mouse and I decided to turn around as well, so we hiked back down the trail, passing back out of the snow to slush and rain at the trailhead. 
Back to town to contemplate the future and finding a safe route to Canada.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today:

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