Saturday, October 1, 2016

Unpaved Road at Snoqualmie Pass to Campsite at mile 2404.84

The Cascades begin. 

Got our normal late start out of town. Got hiking a little after 10am, aiming to do 15 miles. 

Started the day off with a climb. Lots of day hikers and runners out on the trail. 

A light rain started around noon and stuck around for a few hours. At times the rain was a little icy, but never got too bad. 

The trail today had many stretches of loose rock, which is a bit hard in the feet and ankles. I have rolled both ankles multiple times on this journey. I think the tendons and ligaments are just super flexible right now since I haven't had any major issues apart from some soreness and stiffness. 

Passed the 2400 trail miles mark today. Just 250 to go! 

Saw a few pika today, heard many more. They are cute little rodents that live in the rock fields in the sides of the mountains. They make little "meep!" Sounds. 

Camping above 5000 feet tonight, feeling quite chilly.

Video: Welcome to the Cascades

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