Friday, October 7, 2016

Lake Sally Ann to Arlington, WA

Mile 2500. 

Short day today on the trail, but a few extra off the trail. 

Overnight there was rain and wind. I had a couple drips that I dealt with by putting my rain jacket over my sleeping bag and a camp towel on the rain coat to catch the water drops. 

In the morning the rain was still coming down, but a little lighter than at times during the night. 

Unfortunately Share Bear had a rough night. Her tent leaked and her sleeping bag got wet and she was up much of the night. Free Lunch was also camped with us and spent part of the night holding his tent up in the wind. Mighty Mouse slept through the wind and rain. 

Rain is predicted for the next couple days, and as we walked and gained altitude the rain turned to sleet then snow. There was also some snow accumulation on the trail in places. 

My feet and hands were wet. Feet from the rain and wet plants along the trail and hands from the rain as well as from packing up my wet tent in the morning. My rain mittens aren't seam sealed, and when they get soaked on the outside, the inside gets wet as well, not comfortable. 

We had some discussion and decided to go down a side trail and meet Tim. 

The side trail descended from about 6000 feet to 2000 feet in 8 miles or so. 

We met Tim and ended up a few miles away at a hotel for the night, watching weather reports. 

Share Bear decided that she had enough and got a ride from a friend to Seattle to catch the morning ferry to Victoria. Free Lunch stayed the night then made his way to Seattle to catch a flight home to New Jersey. 

Mighty Mouse and I looked at the weather and are going to take a shot at a few days of good looking weather coming up and get back to hiking on Sunday. We did make a trip to REI for some new gear. I will be trying out full boots and gaiters in an effort to keep my feet warm and dry as well as some new rain mittens and fleece gloves.

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