Monday, May 16, 2016

Mill Creek Fire Station to Messenger Flats Campground

Got up and moving by around 9, everyone else was already gone from the roadside picnic area by the Mill Creek fire station. 

Hiked the twelve miles to Messenger Flats campground and got here a bit before 4 o'clock. 

Today's hiking was through a large burn section. The Station Fire burned this area in 2009, and there is still work being done, cutting down dead trees. 

I took a slight detour off the trail and visited the Station fire memorial for the two firefighters who lost their lives. I also had lunch at the old Fire Camp 16, which was burned over in the fire. 

Messenger Flats is a dry camp, so it's six more miles this morning before the next water. The wind picked up early this morning and has continued in gusts, so no using the umbrella as a sun shade this morning.

Mighty Mouse's blog for this area:

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