Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Highway 138 Overpass to Snake bites Mouse!

Tuesday May 3. 

Writing this a week later, as I am back on the trail. 

On Tuesday, May 3, my hiking partner, Mighty Mouse was bitten by a rattle snake. 

Fortunately we didn't do too many things wrong, and after calling 911, two San Bernardino County sheriff's helicopters were in our area, and Mighty Mouse got an express ride to Loma Linda Medical Center where she landed in the ER and got a bunch of doses of anti-venom. 

Coincidentally, Mighty Mouse's nurse in the ER was my cousin Jeremy. 

Mighty Mouse and her husband Tim are now staying at my parents' house while she recuperates, her ankle is still swollen and she can't yet put weight on it, but she is eager to get back on the trail. 

The snake that bit her was hidden in some dry grass at the side of the trail. Apparently this snake hadn't read the part of the snake manual where it tells them to rattle first. It struck, then crossed the trail and then rattled as it headed off into the underbrush. 

Fortunately it was a regular rattle snake. The day before we had encountered a Mojave Green, which I understand to have a much more potent venom. That guy was just sunning himself on the trail and only deigned to move when I bounced a pebble onto him. 

After Mighty Mouse had been airlifted out, I caught a ride with a second helicopter, along with both of our packs, and met up with a sheriff who drove me to meet Mighty Mouse's husband. We then drove down to the hospital. 

Anyway, I am back on the trail and Mighty Mouse is recovering and in good spirits.

That tiny puncture mark caused big problems.

Measuring the swelling in Mighty Mouse's leg.

Mighty Mouse's blog for today: http://www.timandgerri.com/blog---2016/may-09th-2016

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